About IJO

The International Justice Organization (IJO) is a non-profit organisation set up in Brussels on 10 January 2017. In Belgium, works for the protection of judges and jurists around the world In partnership with international human rights organizations, official United Nations institutions and the European Commission's Justice Centers (CEPEJ). Based in Brussels, aims to ensure the independence and stability of the judiciary in the world and to ensure the diplomatic protection and international immunity of the judiciary and the development of judicial procedures in the world, especially developing countries and in areas of conflict and racial discrimination and political and ethnic pressures,

IJO Bodies

The General Assembly is the highest body of the association and sets its general policy.

The Board of Directors includes 5 members elected for a one-year term by the General Assembly.
It is responsible for the daily management of the association.


In 2018, the IJO counted 250 members:

  • Judges: 40
  • lawyers: 80
  • legal experts: 50
  • Associate members: 20
  • Supporting members: 10
How to become a member of the IJO?

Activities and services

Training courses and meetings

Conferences and study days: they enable our members to follow the developments of our profession. Study themes already treated: commercial and financial sides of our profession.

Mini-training courses and workshops: they are organised by one of our members or by a guest speaker specialised in the topic to be dealt with; these workshops aim at cascading the expertise that we have acquired over the years to colleagues. study themes already treated:...

Internal communication

IJOINFO: an electronic mailing list enabling all IJO members to announce a professional event, to communicate useful information or to ask the help of colleagues to solve professional problems. and much more.IJOINFO .

More activities: they give members the opportunity to get better acquainted with one another, to exchange experience and to set up a closely woven collaborative network.

Coming activities: see Events Recent activities: see News

Benefits to the members


External relationships

Contacts with training centres

The IJO maintains close relationships with all Belgian and foreign institutes which train law. Students from all institutions can take part in the Award of the Best Master’s thesis bestowed every two years by the IJO. In collaboration with the IJO, these schools also organize refresher courses on subjects of prime interest to our members.

Contacts with the market and the authorities

The IJO strives to make its members and their professions better known to professional federations, companies, ministries and other entities.

International cooperation

The IJO maintains close ties with several associations in other countries.